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Specialization & Digitization Neighborhood Noise

We have found through the corona pandemic crisis that we depend on specialists to clarify what steps can be followed and how we can together chart a new path out of this crisis. In every crisis, there are fields that suffer and branches that actually rise extremely. In ... Continued

Outsource file to Neighborhood NoiseNow....

Did you know? Did you know that as a housing consultant or as a BOA, you can almost completely outsource a residential noise nuisance file to Neighborhood NoiseNow? The housing association or municipality rents or purchases a #complaint case from us, for example. From us you get a thorough #training and #guidance, how to place it with the tenant c.q. complainant. We then analyze the ... Continued

Measurement system developed by us!

Through our years of experience and a very reliable measurement system developed by us (also called complaint module). This consists of a Rion NL-52, Class 1 sound level meter, battery system, tripod and separate and fixed remote control for the complainant. Specially designed is a radio remote control which the complainant can use throughout the house. ... Continued

As many as 1 in 5 Dutch people experience noise nuisance from time to time.

Do you have a recurring complaint around noise pollution? Have neighborhood conversations already taken place and not resulted in solutions? Neighborhood noiseNow provides the solution! Contact us and receive a free proposal! #Neighborhood noise# Neighborhood mediation#measurement is knowledge

Do you have a (recurring) complaint around neighborhood noise? Have the neighbourhood meetings already taken place and did they not lead to solutions? Then often the next step follows: Measuring is knowing!

Sysmex, our supplier of sound meters, has worked with us to develop a simple but effective system to place a professional sound meter at a complainant's home and allow them to record the specific complaint. This system allows you to get a good picture of the real problems that are occurring there. ... Continued

What happens when you make an inquiry to Neighborhood NoiseNow?

In a nutshell: - We look for the client's specific need and desire. - What is the focus of the complaint? On the one hand, human action or, on the other hand, the possibility that the dwelling separating constructions are outdated - So we are going to specify your request in more detail. - Together with you we draw up a measurement protocol ... Continued

Is the incoming complaint justified in the case of a neighborly nuisance? Always difficult!

We from Neighborhood Noise Now can further investigate the complaint situation through noise monitoring with our specialized measuring equipment and years of experience in this field. It concerns a duration measurement for a longer period of time at the complaining party. This will show the duration, frequency and times of the complaint and whether it is justified. From the analysis we make a proposal to ... Continued

Refreshment of duration measurement cases Mitros

So, just a quick visit to one of our customers for a refresh of the endurance measurement cases. They are ready to go again! Did you know that Neighbourhood NoiseNow also rents out these durometers at very attractive prices? Interested? Then go to the contact page and send us a message 😊 #Service#NL52#Rion#durationmeasurement#Neighborhood#noise#measurement#Analysis

No sleep due to Neighborhood Noise?

Most sleep disturbances are caused by neighbor noise. Do you have a recurring complaint? Have the neighborhood talks already taken place and did not lead to solutions? Then the next step is often: Measuring is knowing! We from Neighborhood Noise Now can further investigate the complaint situation through noise monitoring with our specialized measuring equipment and years of experience in this field. #noise#neighbors#neighborhood noise

Are you bothered by low frequency (LF) noise?

Do you or any of your tenants suffer from a low humming or buzzing sound? This is also popularly referred to as #lowfrequency noise (LF noise). Has everything already been investigated and has an exclusion test been carried out? Then have it measured by means of a #duration measurement with one of our #complaint modules. This will show whether the complaint is justified. Ask for the conditions! ... Continued