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If the client does not own a complaint box, the questionnaire can be completely outsourced. It concerns a duration measurement in one normative house where several complaints are voiced in the form of various noises from neighbors. In order to get a clear picture, a measurement set-up is placed in the relevant house over a representative period of 2 weeks. The complaint module concerns a case with calibrated sound recording equipment in number and fragment which is activated on command of the complainant by means of a button control on the case or a radio remote control.

The complaints module is placed centrally in the most normative place (living space within the framework of the Building Decree). The case is locked so that the residents cannot do anything else to the case. Afterwards, the complaints module is further analyzed and the peaks are filtered out. These peaks, if measured, are reported in a measurement report and tested against the set legislation, specifying whether nuisance is applicable. Solutions are also proposed.

The measured values are the LAeq and LAmax and the associated sound fragments can be listened to using Windows Media Player. There is no direct legislation for dwellings but we use the legislation from the Activities Decree. If an excess is found after correction, the local APV can be used for possible legal action.

We act here as an independent party. This means that we do not communicate about internal and measurement-technical matters. If communication is necessary, we will always coordinate this in advance with the client. It is also important that the start date of the measurements is only corresponded with by telephone without this being known to the surrounding residents and users. This in connection with (consciously) influencing the measuring session.