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From the analyses, various measures can be prescribed around the dwelling separating structures. These may be the dwelling separating walls or floors. Measures can also be prescribed on the facades. Further investigation is then necessary to test whether the relevant construction-separating structures comply with the Building Act in force for the investigated dwelling.

Thus, we are no longer focusing here on neighborhood noise given human actions but now on the weak structures of an investigated dwelling. Thus, within the framework of the Building Code 1992/2003/2012, it is sometimes necessary to carry out further investigations.

The following types of investigations may apply:

  • WALL SOUND RESEARCH, research related to the sound insulation of the facadeGA;k
  • AIR NOISE, investigation with regard to the air noise insulation of the partition structure formerly Ilu and now DnT,A,k; This concerns then more detailed investigation around the voice or radio/TV noise with regard to the partition structure;
  • CONTACT SOUND, investigation related to the impact sound insulation of the partition structure formerly Ico and now LnT,A); This is an investigation of walking sounds, falling sounds or banging sounds with respect to the partition structures;
  • INSTALLATION NOISE, research related to installation noise LIA.

The measurements are carried out according to the NEN 5077 guideline which is prescribed in the current Building Decree. Use is made of a Class 1 noise meter of Rion with B&K noise source with amplifier and B&K hammer.